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Welcome To McNab Distributing LTD.

McNab Distributing distributes a wide range of Parmalat milk and cultured dairy products; a full line of Bryers and Chapman’s nut free ice cream; as well as a variety of juice and drink products including bottled water. For our school programs, we are pleased to provide nutritious snack options including Yoplait Yogourt Tubes and Black Diamond Cheestrings.


Breakfast - Lunches - Staffroom Needs!

McNab Distributing is an independent distributor of Beatrice milk products and would like to provide your school with our services. Our prices are competitive and we offer the convenience of having milk delivered right to your door.

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Healthy & Fun Snacks!

Featuring Chapman's "Nut Free Ice Cream" - Ideal snacks and treats for Pizza Lunches, Hot Dog Days and Tuck Shop Sales.

McNab Distributing welcomes your business. If you are located in the Niagara Region and are interested in receiving more information about our company, or would like to place an order, please contact us for an appointment.

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